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Purchasing / Account Management:

  • As the backbone of our operations, a powerful Materials Tracking and Management System has been designed by TMR specifically for the recycling industry. Based on more than 100 years of experience, this real-time tracking system provides detailed accounting and reporting data, including dismantling and shredding/separation breakdowns by item, weight, piece count, etc. In addition, our client management module compiles pricing data, receipt and shipment details, along with complete financial summaries. Reports can be customized to meet our clients’ every expectation and operational requirement.
  • Among our advantages, we offer documentation of received weights, dates, material, results, prompt settlement, and certificates of recycling, destruction or demilitarization.


  • Our services include Dismantling, Assured Destruction, Shredding and Mechanical Separation, as well as Asset Management and Consignment programs. Combined with our contract management system, we provide reliable recycling solutions, as well as detailed receiving, materials disposition, separation allocation and financial breakdowns to our clients.

Freight Management:

  • Midwest Transportation, LLC, a partner company of ours is a diversified logistics company equipped to handle all your freight needs. As an asset based company, Midwest Transportation has the capability to spot vans, flatbeds, roll-off containers or gondolas at your facility for accumulation and segregation of scrap material for purchase by Totall Metal. Midwest Transportation also has a fleet of local and over-the-road trucks, professional drivers along with corporate contracts with 3rd party carriers to manage any pickup or delivery situation.
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