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Site sizes:

  • 15 Acres, including 125,000 sq. ft. covered space
  • 5 Acres
  • 57 Acres, including 450,000 sq. ft. covered space

Security and other facts:

  • Armed guards are staffed full time
  • Fenced perimeters topped with barbed wire
  • Motion laser protected spaces
  • Fully lighted sites
  • 24 hour monitoring cameras on site that record to hard drive
  • Radiation detector at 2 main sites; additional handheld units
  • Storm retention ponds where site water is collected and tested
  • Fully paved facilities, concrete and asphalt
  • Curbed boundaries to contain water
  • Site monitored holding facility
  • No hazardous waste accepted
  • Employees are badged
  • Workers are badged, metal detector screened and must enter through carded turnstiles
  • Security personnel screen all workers and guests in and out
  • Materials needing secure storage have additional containment
  • Our fleet of trucks are monitored for position by GPS, with time and speed recorded, tracked for on time delivery and pick up