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Historically, TOTALL Metal has provided a variety of recycling services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Fortune 1000 companies, as well as producers and consumers of copper, brass, precious metals, zinc, aluminum, tin and lead.

Today, we offer dismantling, secure destruction, recycling and asset management services to OEMs, Generators, Government Organizations and Retailers in the electronics and telecommunications industries. We use our expertise to place metals into the proper consumer markets and assisting our customers in converting scrap into new finished products. Our broad range of clients supply us with all types of copper, brass, aluminum, stainless, nickel, tin/lead materials, hi-temp alloys and ferrous scrap. These include solids, residues, oxides, stampings, slags, skimmings and ingots. In turn, we process these items and convert them into finished products at our partner smelters’ and refiners’ facilities. Complex materials such as residues, skimmings, slags, grindings and oxides must be handled with great care and concern for the environment. Because of this, we continue to make investments in our facility, constantly upgrading our environmental status. We guarantee our clients that their materials will be treated at a site with a solid environmental record.